GeM adds New Medical products categories

Description: Continually, many steps are being taken by the GeM to fight the corona infection, under which the GeM has added new medical products and services categories on the GeM portal to help the country to fight the corona, which has now been made live on the portal.

What is the meaning of the Medical product category?

The meaning of the medical product category is the category of medical products in which some subcategories of different Medical products are available for a particular product.

For example:

There is a thermometer then the seller needs to choose the category of product which is medical products and subcategory as a thermometer,

Important: The new categories are available to fight Covid-19 therefore it is available on the Covid-19 page.

Why did GeM launch the new Medical products category with a page of covid-19?

GeM launched a new Medical products category to fight Covid-19, because of the  shortages of medical equipment’s and medical kits in the hospitals and Medical stores, the government of the states and central are worried for the health of the states and the country, People are getting worried about the coronavirus’s epidemic.

Hence, to give relaxation from covid-19 to the government the GEM has added some category of new medical products to help government to protect the people and fight Corona. For which the GeM has created a separate page which is available on the GeM website.

How many new product categories added by GeM to fight covid-19?

Public procurement portal GeM has added about 146 medical products – such as disinfectants, and thermal scanners and some services on its platform to help the government fight the COVID-19 epidemic.

What are the new medical product categories on GeM?

GeM has created a special page to fight Covid-19, for a specific product and service category, which is only required for those products and services who help the government to fight with Covid-19, and GeM added the new medical products categories under this Fight covid-19 page. which is more helpful for the government to fight this epidemic, where it has created several categories for medical supplies such as COVID-19

  1. sample collection kits,
  2. reusable vinyl/rubber gloves,
  3. disposable thermometers,
  4. cardiac monitors,
  5. ICU beds, etc. and services such as temporary hospital and isolation facilities for patients with COVID-19 asymptomatic and mild symptoms.

Initially how many categories were available on GeM and now how much has been done?

GeM CEO Taleen Kumar said that initially, GeM created 95 categories on the platform and now it has grown to 200 (Medical – 146 and Assistant – 54).’ to fight this epidemic of Coronavirus.

Under the 146 medical category, more than 30,000 different products have been featured on the website by over 10,400 vendors currently.

What are the top in-demand categories to fight Covid-19 on the GEM?

The top categories which are added by GeM under the medical product categories that are in demand to save from Covid-19 are alcohol-based hand sanitizers, air pollution masks, ICU ventilators, and surgical disposals.

Can any Medical products seller sell his products on GeM who has these product categories?

Yes, any medical products seller or dealer, the distributor can sell his products but on a condition that the medical service provider must have GeM Registration to participate in sales on GeM for government help to fight covid-19.

Point to be noted:

From March 1, the order value of these products was Rs 190.5 crore. The portal has fixed short duration bids with short delivery periods for specific categories.

The dedicated page also provided features to shorten the buying cycle for related items. About which you can get information by visiting GeM’s website.

Who can buy Covid-19 medical products and services from the GeM portal?

As mentioned earlier, GeM is a government procurement portal purchased only by the government. Currently, government departments, ministries, public sector units, state governments, and central armed police forces are allowed to transact Covid-19 medical products through this portal.

When will the seller products live on the GeM portal after registering on GeM?

After registration, the seller has to follow the next step of GeMproduct listing, in the listing section, the seller has to upload their product under the products listing category and follow all the necessary precautions regarding the products while uploading to GeM.




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