India’s Famous Motorbike Clubs


In India, the rise of motorbike riding has brought in many new riders for in the biker’s community of India. There are a lot of new superbikes that are being produced in the market and the roads are filled with riders and solo riders. Most of these riders share their love for bikes and riding with other riders & form a group of like-minded individuals to go venture the un-ventured. Motorbike clubs are packed with members from different walks of life and all of them necessarily don’t wear all leather. They might fellow a few certain codes however. Hoopy Doorstep Bike Service presents to you India’s famous motorbike clubs.  Some of these clubs are brand oriented and some aren’t.


India Bull Riders

These groups of bikers have ridden to 30 plus countries approximately. Indian Bull Riders was initially started as Delhi Bull Riders. Started by Sajeesh Nair in late 2007, India Bull Riders became an official motorbike club exclusively for Royal Enfield and other vintage classic bikes. The target audience was the avid Enfield bikers of Delhi. After 2010 when more bikers residing outside Delhi joined the club, they changed the name to India Bull Riders. The members have travelled together on many trips to Ladakh and Kanyakumari etc. They have their club branches in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Jaipur etc.


Harley’s Owner Group (H.O.G)

HOG was first started in the US in 1983, to mark the cultivation of biking as passion, spirit, brotherhood and riding. Later in the late 2000’s Harley Davidson began selling bikes in India. In the year 2010, HOG started Its operations in India which caused a rise in HOG member count in India. According to Anoop Prakash, the managing director of HOG, within 3 years HOG grew to 4000 members of passionate bikers and opened over 13 chapters around India.   The Harley Davidson motorbike is not just a motorbike, but a lifestyle. They have many features for members of HOG.


Group of Delhi Superbikers (G.O.D.S)

G.O.D.S is one of the earliest established bike clubs in India, in the year 1983. Dr. Arun Thareja aka Dr. Speed was the founder behind this club. Members of the group have superbikes, with 600cc powered engines. G.O.D.S prefer quality over quantity, so they keep their member count relatively downsized. The last recorded number was around 70+. The group makes sure that anyone who tries to become a member will be tested in various riding aspects. Also if you want to become a member, you need a 600cc bike and also need to be above 25 years of age. Their members come from different backgrounds. G.O.D.S usually rides together on Sundays to celebrate the pleasure of biking.


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