Managerial Guide to Monitor Employees Who Are Working From Home

Work from home has become a renowned term in the working sector thanks to 2020. Some think it as a blessing and are thankful that they don’t have to go to the office and are spending more time with their families at home. Others are now getting bored of this routine and want the life to be back to ‘Normal’. They want the office life back, the normal full-fledged routine of waking up and leaving for office, etc. Working from home or office every employee needs to be monitored. They all need a supervisor who keeps an eye on them and monitoring eye has always been the ultimate reason and motivation that gives the employees more power to work harder and push their boundaries.

Yes it is true we, all get distracted and we all will be more cautious and careful about our surrounding if we know that someone is watching us. What if that monitoring eye can watch your screen activities at any given time. Or can read all your messages when you are chatting online during working hours. Yes, that’s right, your employer can not watch you 24/7 but he can get a monitoring software to do this job for him. So if you are not giving your 100% and thinking working from home as vacation or joke you are wrong. Boss might be watching you.

There are many options to choose from when we talk about monitoring apps. Some give free trial some offer different packages. All have pros and cons. But the one we have for you is OgyMogy. The monitoring app that targets both windows as well as mac users. You can also have the android spy app which can track the target person activities through his phone. OgyMogy offers different packages that have different features. You can choose the package according to your demands.

After choosing the package all you need to do is follow simple steps to download the app in the target person gadget. It can be a smartphone, laptop or an office computer. Here we want to express that you will just need to physically access the personal device for only one time that is when you are installing the app. After that, you will remotely have all the relevant data.

Verify Their Virtual Presence Remotely:

People have this habit of pretending and lying without much concern. So make sure when your employees show themselves online or present at work, check them if they are in real or not. You can check that by using the OgyMogy. You can check all the activities happening on the screen using Screen recording feature in any real-time. You can also check that in the form of a recorded video of short duration or snapshots with time stamps.

Track their Online Actions:

Working from home provides the basic leisure of working in any informal clothes and circumstances. Along with that comes the psychological freedom of being at home and been far away from boss eyes. This makes the employees extra relax and they got themselves involves in other distracting activities like watching any online movie or busy with social media apps. All this is wastage of time and energy. So OgyMogy makes sure that no one can do any extra activity during working hours with track internet browsing history feature of the target person. Thus you will get notified of all the websites visited in the working hours as it allows the user to track activities with timestamp. You can also check if some have bookmarked any useless site.

Track Their Digital Footprints:

OgyMogy has the best keylogging feature spy feature thus allow the user to know all the keystrokes typed on the target phone. So it will give access to users about all the emails and passwords etc or any other kind of typed activity information immediately. Thus if someone is involved in any malicious activity or is sharing any confidential information or document through emails or chatting OgyMogy will let you know.

OgyMogy monitoring app will not only watch all your activities regarding official work but will also record the evidence efficiently. So make sure you are sincerely and ethically performing your duties from home.

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