Some Positives on What Does Social Media do to your Personal Data


If you decide to use social media. The first thing you have to do is to make your account leading to developing a profile. An account is merely a registration to the social media site. This includes registering your working email address and agreement of the policies and rules of that site. While a profile is a detailed description of your name, contact details including address, location, phone numbers, alternate email address. The other parts of the profile ask about your likes and preferences, what you do, experience, education, and so on.

That is quite a lot in terms of personal information to be shared with someone you don’t even know.   Have you ever thought why should you share this much information? What is it going to use? What if the information is sold off? You have the right to ask questions and get answers because the data belongs to you. But once you sign up you agree to terms and conditions and data policy of that social networking site. Here, we tell you not to panic. There are some useful things social media does to your data for your good. The below list gives you an insight into what advantages social profiles bring to you.


All the internet has advertising including social media sites. Advertising is important and generates revenue alongside promoting the brand. You see a lot of advertising on your news feed. This advertising is so common that you even stop to notice it because it is embedded nicely into your news feed. Have you noticed how relevant all the advertisements are that appear in your feed?

I know you are shocked while reading this because suddenly you remember the advertisements in your newsfeed today. All the advertisements seem so relevant and on point. Social media uses your data to know your preferences, likes, and interests. It then matches your data with the type of advertising it receives and shows those relevant ads to you.

Specifically, on Facebook, it offers small surveys with advertisements to even further refine your preference for viewing ads. So you can choose to not see particular advertisements again or otherwise.

Improving Personal Experience 

Your data related to likes and interests assists social media sites to improve your personal experience of navigating through the news feed. Based on the attributes you set twitter, for example, shows you only relevant tweets and retweets. While going through your newsfeed you see so many topics that interest you. You take time to go into those articles in detail, retweet some still images, watch more videos. Ultimately, you spend quality time on social media apps and leave the app feeling contented. Thus, your personal experience is improved. You are inclined to think that this particular app is very useful.

Similarly, promotional packages are directed to you based on your interests. Events near your list also use the same function.

Enhancing Services 

All social media apps are developed to serve the masses. They are developed in a way to provide the most suitable experience to their users. The technologist continually works to improve services a social media network has to offer. This improvement or change has to base on some evidence that comes from users. Data Gathered through polls, research, and user profile data. There are many short surveys conducted now and then to check on user preferences and if they like a particular service. The data helps in identifying gaps in services and the programmers then work on the development of functions to fulfill those gaps.

The way an interface on app looks is also for the ease of users. The layout surveys help technologists understand what features are important for users and tell about features that fail to gain any popularity.

Making Money 

Social media networks have teams of professional designers, developers, creative artists to make and app or sites. These networks need maintenance and upgrading on a routine basis. This is done to keep up to date with the latest trends and to make people interested in using those services. This all costs money that needs to generate through some means. Primarily, social media networks make money from the advertisements they sell on social media. An advertiser will only be interested in buying advertising time or space when they are sure they are reaching the right target audience. Buy real Instagram Followers UK for your money making help on Instagram.

Social media attracts advertisers by telling them they have got the best-suited target audience for a particular product or service. They make this claim by analyzing your data and seeing trends on your likes and hits. You will only click on a post or link if you are interested in it or like it to know more about it.

Likewise, social media sites pay their users, influencers on gaining certain conditions fulfilled. So you as a user also become a stakeholder in that money-making process.

So what are you waiting for, stop waiting, and start thinking about how can you take benefit from the money-making aspect of social networks.

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