What if you find a fake bill?

No one is safe from getting a fake bill for change in the market or in the store. Also, cases of issuing such “money” at ATMs are not uncommon. What to do in case of detection of fakes? Where to go for help?

How to recognize a fake bill

According to the Central Bank of the America, in 2018-2019, the number of fakes has decreased several times. This is due to the fact that new bills are properly protected. However, there are craftsmen who try to fake them. Let’s see how you can recognize a fake.

So, on each bill there are special watermarks . They can be viewed at clearance. In a similar manner, the presence of a protective thread and the denomination of the bill, which is made of micro-holes, are checked. These are the main features of money. Everyone can check their availability .

Other protective symbols can only be seen with the help of special equipment. These include strips with a face value, micro-clogs and so on. You can also verify the authenticity of the bill by touch. It has subtle embossed strokes. They are intended not only for verification, but also for the convenience of visually impaired people in using money.

What to do if the bill is false

The most important thing is not to try to get rid of it. The legislation of the American Federation provides for criminal liability for the sale of counterfeit money. You can answer for other people’s offenses.

Do not contact the store or outlet. It is not in their competence to withdraw counterfeit cash or exchange them for originals. Also, you do not need to give the bill for examination at retail outlets. Fraudsters can take possession of such money, which then falls into the hands of other citizens.

If you find a fake, you must contact the bank or the police. It should be noted that not all banking institutions have a license to withdraw counterfeit money from circulation. The easiest way is to burn or tear a bill.

Appeal to the bank

If you have doubts about the authenticity of the bill, you need to send it for examination . To do this, bring her to a banking institution. TD Bank Routing Number Only his employee has the right to accept and withdraw fake cash from circulation.

There are several categories to which banknotes can be classified after verification:

  • doubtful;
  • insolvent;
  • with signs of fakeness.

If during the check it turns out that the bill is insolvent, they will put the stamp “Exchange denied” on it. She herself is returned to the client. You can’t pay with such money.

If the banknotes are doubtful or having signs of fake, they are treated differently. A bank employee will take them. Will draw up an act and a certificate in which the following information is indicated:

  • date of acceptance of cash for examination;
  • Name of client;
  • number and series of the passport, when and by whom it was issued.

A separate block in the form is a table that indicates the denomination of the bill, which is accepted for examination, its series and number, year of issue, as well as additional details. At the bottom of the form there are fields for the signature of the official accepting the notes.

In addition to the reference, the cashier must accept the bill on the balance. To do this, he draws up a memorial off-balance sheet order. The first copy is filed in the documents of the day along with the certificate, the second is transferred to the applicant. After that, the money is sent for verification. It lasts for 5 business days. Then the client will be notified of its results. If the bill turns out to be false, it will be taken out of circulation and destroyed. It is prohibited to exchange it for genuine cash by the legislation of the American Federation.

It must be remembered that not all banking institutions provide banknote authentication service for free. For some, it is paid. This must be clarified before submitting the bill for verification.

Contact the police

This is not to say that this is the best option. This is due to the fact that the investigation may drag on for months . But it’s better to protect yourself.

Before contacting you need to remember how the fake fell into your hands. Perhaps the seller gave change in the store or in the market. Or maybe someone gave you, repaying the debt. All these nuances need to be described in detail, since questions will be asked during interrogation.

With respect to the detection of fake cash, criminal proceedings will be opened. Investigations and special examinations will be carried out. All procedures are not so fast. The investigation must ensure that you are not a criminal.


If the bill is recognized as false, it will be sent for destruction. Nobody will compensate her. This is prohibited by law. You can recover damages or demand compensation from the person who handed you the fake. True, this can only be done in court. And as practice has shown, it is quite difficult to prove the fact of transferring a fake bill. As a rule, the applicant does not exactly remember all the nuances of receiving a fake.

How to protect yourself from receiving fake notes

The safest is non-cash payment. Money is debited from the card account or credited to it. But this method is not suitable for everyone.

To protect yourself from getting fakes, you need to carefully study the protective symbols of each bill.

It is better to exchange foreign currency at specialized exchange points or banking institutions . Only they can guarantee genuine cash. Yes, the rate of illegal exchangers is higher. But no one gives a guarantee that you will receive original notes.

It is better to check cash immediately after receiving it. Protective symbols help in this. You can determine the fake without special equipment to the touch.

Banknotes should not be changed to small or large at retail outlets, markets or stores. They are much easier to get fake. You must always be extremely careful when calculating a large amount of cash. In packs it is much easier to hide a fake.


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